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Rural Loft

Is a lifestyle for those individuals who want to live in harmony with nature and at the same time combine the amenities of today's life. After working with clients and studying the way they live in large homes with many rooms, Angela Patterson realized that they only really live in and enjoy one or two rooms other than their bedroom. She came up with a concept so people can enjoy every square foot that they pay for. First she designed one and built it for herself. She lived in it for a year so she could experience it and see what could be improved for a living that is more than many rooms, but a sanctuary for the body and soul. A concept that people can enjoy every square foot, a unique way of living. So this is how the rural loft was born.

This sleek minamilist barn was designed and built by award-winning designer Angela Patterson in 2006 for the CEO of a major fashion house. Sleek and minimalist in its design, this ideal country exemplifies Le Corbusier's dictum that a residence should be "a machine for living"–providing a utilitarian combination of open-plan living and private spaces. As a country retreat, the spacious home is both thoroughly modern and respectful of its rural surroundings.

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A canyon between the main house and secondary structure makes for a dramatic entrance; galvalume roofs and vents are based upon local agricultural forms.

Though sleek, minimal and pure in their design, the open, airy design of Patterson's rural lofts lend themselves to family gatherings and group entertainment.